Joan Haverty

Joan Haverty was the girlfriend of Bill Cannastra, a close friend of Jack Kerouac's, when Cannastra was suddenly killed in a bizarre subway train accident near the Bleecker Street station (he pretended to climb out the train window while the train was moving, got stuck, and smashed into a pillar). Kerouac comforted Joan and, irrationally and impulsively, married her a month later. She was twenty years old, and Jack was twenty-eight.

The marriage, Jack's second, lasted no longer than his first. Joan gave birth to a daughter, but Jack denied the paternity and later fought long legal battles to prevent any legal connection between himself and the child. Jan Kerouac went on to write a well-regarded book, 'Baby Driver,' and it is now generally accepted that she is indeed Jack's biological daughter.

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by Levi Asher